Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Technology Tuesdays With Nicole

by Nicole Ouellette

Yes, it is Wednesday but I meant for this to be posted yesterday. :^)

Every Tuesday, it is my goal to post something technological and hopefully also helpful to educators and others who read this blog.

I'd like to use this Technology Tuesday to discuss a great (and did I mention free?) audio editing program called Audacity. You can download it here. And with a microphone and a little patience, you can layer "tracks" into truly interesting recordings and save them as many different audio file extensions including .mp3 and .wav files. I actually used this program to create cheering mix for our regional competition (tracks 1 and two had music (alternating) and track 3 had all the sound effects), though I'm sure the program can be used for much more intellectual purposes, like having language students record themselves speaking or having students create their own podcasts or radio shows, but I thought I'd pass the knowledge along. See you next Tuesday.

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Jim Burke said...

I'll be looking forward to Tech Tuesdays, Nicole. What a great idea! :) Thank you for being a writer.