Thursday, October 18, 2007

So to which blogs do you subscribe?

by Ron Smith

I am hoping to start some conversion here - My question is to which blogs do you subscribe? I have a few good ones in my aggregator: Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed, David Warlick's 2 Cents Worth, Edutopia's Spiral Notebook and of course this one, but am also really interested in expanding my horizons here.

What are your favorite blogs (or other RSS feeds) and why?


Sarah Sutter said...

I am enjoying Wes Freyer's posts at Moving at the Speed of Creativity. He posts frequently and having it in my google reader on my igoogle lets me get glimpses of interesting things during the day. I also follow Ewan Mcintosh's blog at, and Bob Sprankle's blog at Bit by Bit.

-- Sarah

Kern Kelley said...

Hi Ron,
There are a ton of great blogs to choose from, here are few I like:

Ewan McIntosh's

Wes Fryer's

Vickie Davis'

Dr. Scott McLeod's

Stephen Downes

Miguel Guhlin's

Ron Smith said...

Thanks Kern & SArah! I'll check them out...

Jim Burke said...

Just learned a new one for my list of must-visits today at the MAMEL Conference here at Sugarloaf:

The Tempered Radical - Bill Ferriter