Friday, October 19, 2007

Workshop: Library of Congress Primary Source Resources

This morning at the MAMLE Conference, Amy Deshane of the Winthrop Middle School presented the huge collection of resources available at the Library of Congress. Good stuff! :)

Amy Deshane's LOC Resources Wiki

Library of Congress

Amy's email


Scott Love said...

Like some many "GEMS" that are on the Internet, you could easily make this list of resources even more accessible by offering a web notebook version that automatically updates itself as resources are changed or enhanced. LOC is one of the first sites we included in our Homework Assistant Script which is included with every NoteTaker/NoteTaker license.

Scott Love

Jim Burke said...


You know that I am certainly an enthusiastic proponent of Noteshare, but how would Noteshare be an improvement in function over the Wiki that Amy is already using for updates? The wiki updates easily and doesn't require a purchase of software for those without MLTI machines. For those with Windows or Linux, they are unable to update the Noteshare web notebook using their machines.

In the end, I guess my question is: What good reasons are there to use a proprietary app like Noteshare when there are absolutely free user-friendly Google Tools which provide very similar functions and are very easy to use. For example, Google has Notebook, Groups, and Pages readily available as well as many other collaborative online apps. There is even a plugin for their Notebook to work transparently with a browser.

So again, what advantage does Noteshare provide over what is readily available for everyone at no cost . . . except perhaps one's soul! :)



Scott Love said...


I said "web notebooks" for universal access. Like the resource web notebook you publish yourself, it's universally availble from any browser. If you were to publish "live" using NoteShare, then our free NoteShare Express add-on would also allow anyone to view from a browser. Free.

Anyway, sorry for any confusion my comment generated. This was not a pitch but an observation based on having used your web notebook of Maine resource links. The latest version of our software allows for automatic updating now of web notebooks so you don't have to manually upload each time you revise or change the source notebook document.