Saturday, April 18, 2009

Featuring the Work of Keith Kelley

I've always been impressed with the projects that Keith Kelley does with students in Maine. I first knew Keith as the librarian at Oxford Hills Middle School where he built computers and created movies with students in his after-school computer club as well as acting as DJ at school dances and being a great source of technical and pedagogical knowledge.

Oxford Hills' loss was MSAD 48's gain. Keith now runs the integrated technology classes at Somerset Valley Middle School and Sebasticook Valley Middle School in that progressive district.

To get an idea of the powerful learning that is taking place in his classes, check out the following blogs in which Keith documents and promotes his work with kids, as well as giving an online audience for his students' successes.

Fifth Grade Integrated Technology Classes

Sixth Grade Integrated Technology Classes

Seventh Grade Integrated Technology Classes

Eigth Grade Integrated Technology Classes

Keith's Public Gallery on Picasa

Want to know more?
You are invited to visit:
Student Technology Showcase (6th Annual)
Saturday, June 13, 2009

Note that Keith is entirely transparent in that he shares course syllabus, rubric, forms, etc. for his projects at each level. Good stuff.

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bobbijo said...

Mr. Kelley was my seventh grade Social Studies teacher at Oxford Hills Middle School and I must say he is my most memorable teacher. I will never forget his teaching of the Battle of Bunker Hill, he organized a re-inactment using water balloons. Like I said I will never forget it and to this day often look back and think of the great mentor Mr.Kelley was to myself. Thank you for being such a great teacher!
-BobbiJo Farrar