Saturday, April 18, 2009

Online Learning

Open Online Learning - A Paradigm Shift


What Is Distance Learning and Why Has It Become So Popular?

10 Instructional Design Tips for E-Learning Development


Joe Makley said...

Speaking of on-line learning, this webinar by "Disrupting Class" co-author Michael Horne was the culminating feature of a book discussion for ISTE's administrator's group. It's a great help in fleshing out the book if you've read it, or especially if you haven't and are looking to get the gist. It addresses clearly the often quoted "flip" date of 2018, where on-line courses will represent 50% of all 9-12 courses. (By on-line, he doesn't mean "distance," and it's an important distinction.) I am not a fan of futurists, and don't often re-read their books, so many of which seem to be merely capitalizing on the (mostly obvious) changes around us. Christensen's book is an exception for me. I think Disrupting Class deserves the attention it's getting.

Jim Burke said...

Odd you should mention Disrupting Class, Joe. It's been setting on my coffee table here in front of me right now for a couple of months and I have yet to crack it. Tomorrow might be just the opportunity. Thanks for the link.


Joe Makley said...

I'd be interested in what you think, Jim. I think they started with a very good description of the problem, which business oriented people seem to get wrong a lot. That got me on their good side, so I read more than half of it. :)