Tuesday, July 31, 2007


What can you share with everyone?


Kelly Fitz said...

I've been using a blog to share daily (well almost daily) things with my students for the past year or so. We also have a Wiki. The blog is at http://yorksci.wordpress.com/ and our wiki is at http://yorksci.wikispaces.com/.

Sometimes students are required to post on the blog and or the wiki. Sometimes they are used as resources.

What I would like to do this year is to find a blogging tool where I can create a blog that is open to the kids posting on specific things as well as topics of interest. I could do this with the wiki...if each student has their own page on a topic of interest, but I want it to be more interactive.

Any ideas from anyone? I don't like using Edublogs. The server is really slow. Blogger is blocked by our school.

Looking for some ideas as well as sharing what I've done.

Jim Burke said...

Impressive Blog, Kelly. I highly recommend that others take a look. It is now posted with the resources on the right upper side of this blog.

Also included are links to blog resources and online learning environments.

Kelly . . . thanks for breaking the ice. I'm really in hopes that others will share the great stuff that is going on. It is time for collaboration and sharing of our great ideas.

Jim Burke said...

Anyone else have blogs to share?

Anonymous said...

Howdy..it is 12:10 and I bet I am the first to blog since the announcement:) I am on reserve power but anyway...I am enjoying the conversations all around me and learning new tips left and right. I would like to post a notebook somewhere but I'm not certain if thereis a space for it here???
Looking forward to afternoon sessions.....
here is a starting blog at my school

George said...

Open Source Software is free software that can be downloaded and installed on any computer.There is a great deal of software available for Macs, Windows, and Linux. I attended the FOSSED (Free and Open Source Software for education) held at Gould Academy in Bethel. It is a great conference that is held in June. Below are websites that have free and open source Mac software.
Much of it has a commercial quality and some is a work in progress. The learning curve is a little higher than commercial software but if you google the name of the program, you can usually find tutorials.

The Free Mac Classroom

Open Source Mac

Software for Starving Students

Free Open Source Software Mac User Group

Open Source Mac

National Center for Open Source and Education

A book on Free and Open Source Software can be downloaded from the URL below as a PDF:


Jim Burke said...

Thanks so much for the great list of places to go for free and open source software, George. We now have a clickable link to the list under the resources list at the right of the main page.