Friday, August 3, 2007


So . . . what do you think?


George said...

Information Literacy so far is doing well and I have learned a great deal. Check out the Marvel database from the Maine State Library with periodicals and many other resources at
We have also learned a great resources for having an Overview of Information Fluency. Excellent presenters and great resources.

Ann Luginbuhl said...

This was an excellent, informative two days. It concerns me that there does not seem to be the same focus on staff development for the high school teachers. To me this is the kind of thing that made the MLTI project so successful.

Jim Burke said...


It just so happens that your concern for a focus on high school staff development is being worked on this summer at MLTI. With the recent MacBook for every high school teacher initiative, there will be a concerted effort on putting some focus at that level.

Thanks for all your contributions! :) This blog will stay up for discussions and collaboration. Hope you will be able to continue to drop by and share your ideas and work.