Saturday, August 4, 2007


Over on the right in the resource list, catch the first of a string of movies from our time at Castine. It is called "White" and captures a dimension of the village of Castine. Filmed by and starring our own Rick Barter. :) Edited and saved as a quicktime in iMovie on an MLTI iBook. ( Will take a couple of minutes to load on a broadband connection).

For more information on creating videos using iMovie, go to these pages:

A special thank you to Rick Barter, Laura Richter, Elizabeth York, Jana Diket, M.J. Learned, and others for taking the wonderful raw footage of Institute events!

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RickB said...

That was a surprise to find "white", the movie on your blog.

Ah,Yes, "white" is a good theme ... white hats, black hats: good guys, bad guys, white whales (Melville sure liked to talk about "white") great white sharks. "White" can be seen as symbolizing purity, as in wedding gowns, or as malicious as the great white shark in "Jaws" the movie.

But, I do wonder, what is the symbolism of all the white houses that we see in seashore towns? ... or was white paint just easier to manufacture "back in the day?"