Wednesday, August 1, 2007

David Warlick

We are fortunate to have David Warlick with us in Castine. He is known very well throughout the world for his contributions to thoughtful integration of technology. There is a link to his blog on the resources list on the right of this page.


Anonymous said...

cheryloakes notes from Dave Warlick keynote 8-1-07 (grabbed from the Learning in Maine wiki).

Short keynote from David, He took out every 3rd and 5th slide to make this fit the time constraints.
David just spent the week the week with the state supt. and chief officers , talking about why we need to change.
Contemporary Literacy

Think about the 3 things that are happening in the classrooms as 3 things converge. Showed his avatar from SL.
What is happening in the 21st Century?
factor 1, un predictable future that we are preparing our kids for
factor 2 new informational landscape
factor 3 rich information experience
What to do to let the learners become a learning engine?

Machinima- capture the video streaming game background and put in movie software and make a movie

we see information as a product,

kids see information as raw material

we need to get away from information scarcity within our 4 walls. We need to go beyond the walls.

57% of American teens have produced video(audio) content to audiences
we can no longer rely on gravity to let the knowledge/content, drop down to the learners.

Pay attention to your students no matter what.

ZZenovka said...

Though we seem to sometimes be "behind the times" here in Maine, it's nice to hear that with instructional technology, we're ahead of many places. I had a seminar at the Library of Congress in DC, and I took my laptop. I was surprised that the LoC is not wireless, and none of the other teachers (from other states) thought it would be. I guess I've been spoiled by wireless access in so many places in Maine.

Cheryl Oakes said...

Yes we are so lucky to consider wireless as a must have, not only a must have but must be ROBUST! We are lucky to work in Maine.