Monday, October 22, 2007

I talk too much . . .

I talk too much. No question about it.

Part of it is fearing that others will think I'm not earning my pay unless I'm presenting. Now . . . I really know better . . . but . . .

Tonight I asked my eMINTS group to pick a topic that they teach and then gather resources for it, giving them some suggested links to use. Pure Web 1.0. We spent about 45 minutes on this until our evening meal of stuff shells was ready. (We have great cooks in this group).

After eating, everyone shared something about what they had found. I asked if this was worthwhile time and was surprised at the intensity of the response in favor of this "personal" time. Teachers need time to connect to their own work. We all do. Constructivism applies to everyone. We need time for connections!

Why is it that I have to keep re-learning this lesson?

I'll be quiet now ... .... .... ... . :)

Constructivism Resources

Piaget Resources
Dewey Resources

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