Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reality Check - Manufacturing Crisis in Education

A few articles that question some of the assumptions being made about education:

Public Education and Its Discontents by Gerald W. Bracey

Who to Trust? by Deborah Meier

Democracy Is All About Making Tough Choices by Deborah Meier

Great Ideas by Deborah Meier

The Pedagogy of Poverty Versus Good Teaching by Martin Haberman

It's the Curriculum, Stupid: There's Something Wrong with It by Dave F. Brown

No Child Left Behind: A Foolish Race Into the Past by David Marshak

Accountability for Promoting Democracy by Kenneth A. Sirotnik

Bridging the Culture Gap by Peter Sacks

In Technocracy We Trust by Sam Smith

Just Like Pastami by Lee Shulman

Educating a Democracy by Deborah Meier

Don't Weigh the Elephant - Feed the Elephant by Milton Chen

Teaching the Elephant
by David Brooks

Have any online articles on education that you would like to add?

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