Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ready or Not here they come ... Maine Learning Results !

by Ed Latham

That's right, you heard about them before. You have plugged endless hours aligning curriculum. You saw them get pulled back for revision. You got to see some revisions and may have even had some input. Finally, they are back. Let the curriculum alignment frenzy commence!

Nancy Hudak just shared with me the link to Informational Letter #32 which officially posts that the learning results are ready for consumption. The letter provides a time line and encourages schools to start in on alignment. Included in the letter is a link to the revised learning results. I looked over some of the changes about a year ago so I guess it is time to look them over again with a bit more effort to determine what the changes are. Some people lived and breathed the first round of learning results and those people may benefit from a concise summary of "What has changed" very much like software producers release when the next version of their product comes out. If anyone has such an abbreviated update sheet, I am sure everyone reading this would love to see that. In the meantime, I need to figure out when I might be able to have some time to look over the new learning results. Oh, I said the T word again. Time is such an important commodity in the educational process as Jim previously posted in his post yesterday about constructivism needing time for the processing. Of course our leaders in the state house know about this important commodity and how necessary it is in order for real change to happen. I am anxious to see their version of extra time teachers will now have to really construct meaning for the learning result in their classroom. While waiting for the state's view on where that time is coming from, I guess I will go buy my winning Power Ball ticket so that I can experience two statistical miracles at once.

Happy aligning everyone!

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