Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've Got The Dial Up Blues

by Martha Thibodeau

The Dial Up Blues

Remote is my geography,
So make your photos small.
If it takes too long to load
I may not look at all.

I've got the dial up blues.
My modem's 56 K,
Hardly fast enough for work,
Way too slow for play.

Watch a movie or a vlog?
You've gotta be crazy
Show me a transcript,
Download's slow and lazy.


Eliminate Elluminates,
My modem can't keep pace.
The video procrastinates
and the voice is in a race.


Even my beloved Skype
sometimes chooses to be bad,
so I drive the 2 miles to my school
for the WAN, of which I'm glad.


I wrote this about equity and access to online educational opportunities in rural vs. urban areas.

Add your own verse....


Jim Burke said...

Leave it to you, Martha . . . when I start getting much too serious, you help me laugh! Love it . . . shall we form a band?

Jim Burke said...

I want to download,
It moves at a crawl,
What can I say,
I really makes me bawl.

Martha Thibodeau said...

Thanks, Jim. This verse is a great addition to the song. Know anyone who can sing a good blues tune?

eeaster said...

Put out the word. How many music teachers and very talented students in Maine do we have?

Also the husbands of Barb & Laura come to mind.

Thanks Martha for the song. I fully understand being in 56K land myself.


eeaster said...

How about a "I've Got the Dial Up Blues" Podcast competition. Put it out there and get students writing more verse and composing the music. GarageBand works!

Martha Thibodeau said...


Sounds like great fun! The band director at my daughter's school and I talked about putting it to music.

Jim Burke and TerryLynn Archer did their best to put it to music today. I loved the soulful sounds, and they sounded even better than I thought.

I'm no musician, and I never thought the lyrics would really be put to music, so I didn't pay attention to the counts in the lines. Feel free to edit.