Friday, November 16, 2007

No thought control

by Jenifer Van Deusen

Great line of thinking here! Fits in with the book, A Whole New Mind, that administrators here in Kittery have been reading. The blues tune illustrates some of Daniel Pink's point, that to thrive in this new century we need both our traditional Western logical-mathematical way of thinking AND more intuitive, creative, and playful thought - and a bunch of new resources. Consider/ respond to my reflections on this topic at
and continue playing!

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Jim Burke said...

Jenifer . . . I'm so delighted to see your post here! :) One of the expectations of this blog was to not miss a day without at least one post, which was the case until the past couple of days when I've found myself without the time to follow through. I'm flying high with the birth of my first grandchild, Ilan Mena. Never supposed that I would be a grandfather! :) Thanks again for your contribution and link to your blog on Pink's ideas.

Coincidentally, when I got home from a long day yesterday, I had received an email from Sharon Merrill < > , art teacher at Oxford Hills, on Pink. See here:


FYI Phil Hammett, Pam Berry and I saw Daniel Pink in NYC last Spring. He is awesome!! We tried to get him up here but it would cost $27000, a little out of our league. We even tried to bribe his agent with promises of lobster!

Anyway, we also have watched Sir Ken's video as well. We are currently working on developing a center for professional development that focuses on the use of the right brain; bringing it's importance up to the level of the left brain. The center would also focus on integrating other subjects into the arts, instead of the other way around as it has been in the past. The members of this committee are Phil, Pam, Eva Kozun and myself. We all have bought and read Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind and my copy of his DVD should be here any day now.

If you would like to join one (or all) of our meetings let me know. We usually meet every other Monday but also meet at other odd times.
When my DVD comes we plan to view it as a committee and then with the art staff; perhaps inviting the others arts departments as well. If you would care to join us let me know.

Brilliant minds think alike!!!


I will send your blog URL to Sharon and team.

Thanks again,