Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sustainable Living

Anyone for sustainable living? I'll confess I've slipped terribly in my consideration for the planet earth since I was a young man. It is time for me to re-develop some balance. With that in mind, here are some links I found that speak to the issue:

Tiki the Penguin - Let's Make a Kinder World for Everyone
Sustainable Living Literature Collection for Children
NWEI - Changing Our World One Conversation at a Time

Wikipedia - Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living Network
EarthEasy - Ideas for Environomentally Sustainable Living
EnviroLink - Sustainable Living

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Ed Latham said...

I am by no means there yet, but the lifestyle I live in has many sustainable living concepts involved. Our family produces it's own electricity, some of our food, we harvest our own fuel and some other really cool things. Our lifestyle is not one that I would see many adopting. I am very independent in how I live, but that comes at the cost of many hours of troubleshooting, problem solving, and making some tough life decisions. For example, our family can only use 3kwh of electricity a day as that is all our system is currently designed to handle well. Water conservation is a must as huge amounts of electricity go into the pumping around of normal water supplies. There are tons of really interesting things that we do to live with a very low ecological footprint and I would love to talk with like minded people. I live in a geographic region that is not supposed to allow for sustainable living as well as some of the hotter climates. I just want others to know that it can be done and living independently has huge rewards. I am still not as far along as I hope to be, but I have traveled far on that journey. Please share any experiences you may have so we can connect with each other on discussions and life changes we have been able to make. We can learn so much from each other especically because our state has almost no experts on the topic.